Daddy-Daughter Dance: Thaddius&Nana

What a great day and occasion to attend when the first man you will ever love treats you like a queen! I was so proud to watch and happy to be a part of the event. Looking great, and full of life. . .

PSX_20160218_051930 - CopyPSX_20160218_051804 - CopyPSX_20160218_051320 - CopyPSX_20160218_051128 - CopyPSX_20160218_051444 - CopyPSX_20160218_053609PSX_20160218_060457 - CopyPSX_20160218_053110PSX_20160218_055603 - CopyPSX_20160218_054736 - CopyPSX_20160218_052045 - CopyPSX_20160218_050319 - CopyPSX_20160218_053442PSX_20160218_054202 - CopyPSX_20160218_055339 - CopyPSX_20160218_052407 - CopyPSX_20160218_055042 - CopyPSX_20160218_052912PSX_20160218_053951 - CopyPSX_20160218_052156 - CopyPSX_20160218_053233PSX_20160218_055910PSX_20160218_060620PSX_20160218_060737PSX_20160218_060027PSX_20160218_060141

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I am a creative with a passion for other artist to pursue their dreams as an entrepreneur.

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