25 years of Love: Kelvin & Tonya

All year I have been watching people express their love for one another at each wedding. I have learned so much about love and why you must love each individual unconditionally. I am so happy to have been apart of two people that I have known all my adult life and have watched me grow up into who I am today. I learn from them that Love does exist and with GOD, you can be powerful in this world. I appreciate the opportunity and the image of how God loves us with his mercy and grace. Thank you so much.





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I am a creative with a passion for other artist to pursue their dreams as an entrepreneur.

One thought on “25 years of Love: Kelvin & Tonya

  1. TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY NO BODY BUT GOD HAS KEPT US ALWAYS ALWAYS KEEP GOD FIRST , Thank you much for a job well done. Love you Mom,


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