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Health is important in America and in the homes of those who embrace the ingredients of positive living. Watching what we eat and regular exercise makes the body stay healthy, but what should we eat? Join A’Kyler as she explores the healthy way of eating and learn from several different Dallas chefs how to prepare meals, make tasty snacks and how to keep a schedule of what you can eat to continue being healthy.

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Minyon catering will be making Valentine’s Cake Pops for pickup. The cost is $1.00 Minimum is $3 to order.

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Events & Vendors

April 30th, A’Kyler was able to participate in an excellent art show where she was able to develop skills and work hard at showing the world she was ready to serve you!





Upcoming Events

Akyler has applied to be a cast on the Food Network and I am so excited to be apart of all she has dreamed of! Go Ky, we support you! ❤