Breast Cancer Awareness Winner 2017- 2018

Congratulations Brenda Douglas!! Brenda Douglas is a devoted wife to Ceasar Douglas, mother to LaKeitha and LaJeanna and an amazing grandmother to her twin granddaughters LaKenya and LaKendria… In 2005 she was hit with the news that she had the big B ( BREAST CANCER she underwent surgery to have the tumors removed and she then started her chemo and everything was going good then in 2006 she was hit once again with the news that the big B (BREAST CANCER) was back she then had a mastectomy with reconstruction and then underwent chemotherapy and radiation… Fast forward 2017 she is a healthy woman 11 years remission of cancer… She is definitely a blessing to anyone who encounters her…. 

Breast-Cancer-Awareness winner.jpg

We Thank you for your support for this years winner Mrs. Douglas! All of the proceeds will go to our winner. Sale ends February 10th.

Purchase Your Calendar 2018

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